1 It is undoubtedly a relationship that has changed

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wholesale jerseys from china Borden might be, the friend and Bridget headed up the stairs. From halfway up the stairs, they were able to see that Mrs. Borden was lying on the floor of the guest room in a puddle of blood. Patients and physicians working in partnershipThe relationship between patients and physicians has received attention since the Hippocratic times.1 It is undoubtedly a relationship that has changed and matured through the years, with almost a complete turnaround of role and attitude: the emphasis is now on the patient talking and the physician listening and understanding the needs of the patient; the physician giving opinion and information and the patient making choice together with the physician; the patient asking and the physician answering. The communication between physicians and patients in the majority of the communities has progressively evolved into an open dialogue, transforming patients from passive recipients of information and instructions to active participants in the management of their disease. The shift towards more patient centred healthcare has necessitated important changes in the infrastructure and the way healthcare is delivered wholesale jerseys from china.

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